Work ID: 00000000018EAB16
Starting Unlock MDM (Apr.2023)
Selected model: SM-A042M
Make factory data reset and connect the phone on first page of activation stage to PC via USB.
Phone must be in Setup Wizard mode
Connect powered-on device to PC!
Searching modem port...
Input IMEI: 351536631170931
Input SN: R9PTB0943KX
Connecting to server...
Username: octopus038
Your balance: 50 credits
Sending device information..
Choose unlock method!
QR code method choosen!
Please check device using this QR before unlocking!
Follow these steps :
1. In Android Setup Wizard mode tap on the blank space 6 times.
2. Scan this QR code to install MDM Guard service on your device.
3. Connect to Wi-Fi.
4. Follow the instructions on the screen.
5. Allow USB debugging mode when prompt appears on the screen.
Your account will be charged for 100 credits. Do you want to continue?
Searching ADB devices...
Press "OK" button on the device to allow USB debugging
QR Code is scanned
Reading info...
Detected model: SM-A042M
Fingerprint: samsung/a04eub/a04e:12/SP1A.210812.016/A042MUBU1AVJ2:user/release-keys
Firmware compiled date: Wed Oct 5 23:11:52 KST 2022
PDA version: A042MUBU1AVJ2
CSC version: A042MOWO1AVJ2
SW version: A042MUBU1AVJ1
Build number: A04E_LTN_OPEN
Phone SN: R9PTB0943KX
Android version: 12 (SP1A.210812.016)
Sales code: MXO
Carrier Id: MXO
Country: Mexico
HW platform: mt6765
HW Chip: mt6765
HW Modem: REV1.0
Security patch level: 2022-10-01
Warranty Void: 0
Codename: a04eub
SIM 1 status: ABSENT
SIM 2 status: ABSENT
Modem board: MT6768
Starting exploit...
Activating service...
Using method #2
Warning: After rebooting the device, a MDM lock may appear. MDM Guard service will turn off the screen and the MDM lock will disappear. This may happen a few times after reboot.
MDM Guard service was activated.
Complete the Setup Wizard on the device.
MDM Guard service will restrict OTA updates on your device to prevent relock.
Unlock MDM (Apr.2023) done
Execution time 14 minute(s) 22 second(s)
Performed by 4.2.8 Software version.


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Moto G60 XT2135-2 Remove FRP Payjoy MDM Remove DONE

The Magic Tool

Start MDM Unlock Task on 5/27/2023 11:55:33 AM -07:00

Waiting for device arrival.... OK


Model SKU: XT2135-2

Carrier: RETEU

Serial: ZY22DWP5BK

Authorizing MDM Access...OK

Reboot bootloader...OK

Waiting for device arrival.... OK

Erasing MDM...OK

Erasing FRP...OK

Erasing UserData...OK

Erasing Cache...OK

Final Step...OK


MDM Unlock Task Successful!



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